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Purani Jeans

The moment he saw them, he knew he had to have them. It was love at first sight. He made his move. And walked out with a new pair of size 34 jeans. He felt jubilant. Lucky. Satisfied.

It soon became his favourite pair. He wore them everywhere. With everything. Always. The jeans moulded themselves to his frame. They looked good. He marvelled. As did his friends. He took care of the jeans. It was the best thing he owned. It was perfect.

Things were fine. Till he had an accident. And the jeans had a tear. He patched them up. They were still size 34. He still loved them. He just wore them less. They didn’t look good any more. But it was the same pair of jeans.

He grew older. And larger around the middle. The jeans stretched as much as they could. But they were still the same jeans.

And one fine day… the jeans went out and a new one came in. Shinier. Bigger. Suddenly, these were the “old ones”. They didn’t look good. They didn’t fit. They got dumped. Replaced. By a new “better” pair.

The jeans were still the same. Size 34. They never changed.

But something did.

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