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In Pursuit of Happiness

He stood at the window, quietly stoic. The room was dark. As dark as the thoughts clouding his head. As dark as the clouds outside. It was raining. It was as if nature was mourning. Crying. And there he was. Silent. He watched as a drop of rain ran down the cheek of his hazy reflection on the window. Urging. Forcing him to cry and mourn. After all, a little part of him had died today.

A little part of him had died. With her. She was gone. Taken away by nature. God. The furies. Luck. Call it what you will.

He was in love. For three years, they had been inseparable. Never a bitter word exchanged. He reflected about how the rain on her cheeks glistened when she smiled. ‘My beloved,’ he genuflected. The happiness he craved for – that elusive shadow he had wasted all his life, and his dreams on – his Atlantis – he thought he had finally found it all, in her. Finally. He was content.

And then it happened. Again. Out of the shadows, the monster had reared its head. He had tears in his eyes, when she went. He loved her, and yet he couldn’t do anything to stop her. Watch. That’s what he did – a part of him anyway – as he hacked at her. Repeatedly.

He had killed her. Just like the fifteen other women he had loved. And killed. Because in those few moments, he could clearly see happiness. Taste it. Before it hazed back into shadows again. The same happiness he thought he didn’t have to run after, once she arrived in his life.

And so it went. He couldn’t help it. He looked at his “crying” reflection in the window, and smiled. Sadly. And that hazy-crying-smiling reflection summed it all up. That was his life.

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